Our Mission

At Home & Host, we believe in the magic of everyday moments, especially those shared around the table. Our mission is simple: to infuse ordinary gatherings with a touch of charm and elegance. We understand that it’s around the table where connections deepen, bonds strengthen, and some of life’s most impactful conversations unfold—often unexpectedly. Yet, there’s beauty in the simplicity of everyday conversations as well. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of gathering, one cherished moment at a time.

About the Founder

Kara Nilsson, wife and mother to 5, was born in Washington and shaped by her upbringing in Japan since the age of twelve. She draws inspiration from Japanese culture and inspired by her mother's knack for crafting unforgettable gatherings. Kara is passionate about infusing everyday moments with warmth and magic. Through her products, she sprinkles a touch of joy into life's ordinary occasions, turning them into cherished memories.

Kara began designing aprons in 2016 with the founding of Leisure Lane. After years of developing her products and collecting valuable feedback from her amazing clients, she decided to expand her offerings to include essential kitchen linens and premium hosting items.

Together with the Home & Host team, Kara is excited to offer a well rounded collection of exceptional kitchen and home goods for all of your hosting needs.